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Now, this is not your typical dating or webcam site with Filipina girls, but real Filipino hardcore porn. Trike Patrol is run by a bunch of American sex tourists that come to the Philippines several times per year to shoot Filipina sex movies. Most of the ladies are bar girls from Manila, Angeles City and Subic. The girls on Trike Patrol come in all shapes and sizes. A couple of them are chubby and busty, but the majority are typical lbfm type girls between 18 and 22 years of age. LBFM stands for little brown fucking machines. A synonym for Asian prostitutes with dark skin, perfect sex toys for horny western guys. The site lives up to it's cliche and delivers a fresh Filipina bargirl porn movie every other week with a vast archive of almost 3 years presence. The initial idea of the site is pretty original. Trikes are small motorbikes with a passenger wagon aligned on the side. They are used to commute on short distances and fit 2 or 3 people so they can be used to pick up girls. Trike drivers are usually very helpful to find bangable bargirls for a small tip. Of course it is all a setup, but the idea is original and brings authentic Filipino raunchiness into play. It's more than just a normal Asian porn movie site. Trike Patrol is the first and only Filipina porn reality show with real Filipinas doing the deed. If you are tired of all the commercial porn sites and want to see real Filipina sex movies you may appreciate a look at Trike Patrol since the pricing is acceptable and no strings are attached to it.

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A Filipina MILF (single working mother) gets naked for her first porn movie with newbie producer Jimmy Regina.

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