Topless Smile

cheerleader Manila
Smiling Face of topless cheerleader

Finding Manila amateurs for photo shoots is a task easy to accomplish. Most models will be doing their best, but sometimes there will be this special talent with a perfect body and killer smile. She will always have the right pose, carry her head with pride and showcase her assets like an insurance manager would sell services and life insurance policies. To find this great talent takes patience and an eye for right angles.

Usually, big breasts look even nigger when finding an angle from low altitude. Depending on proportions they may also look bigger from an higher angles, but then they really need to be perfect, perfect like the big naturals of our Visayan model Maricar. When shooting topless I always ask my models to arch their backs and bent over just a little. Gravity will extend their breasts as they can't rely on their torso to hold them up. Judging from a field test I ran on a tumblr photo blog with bikini models, this is one of the most favorite boobs shot angles for topless pinup and nude art photography. Try it with your own camera and girlfriend. She don't even need to be Asian and have big boobs. Smaller sizes will have the same magnification effect.

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