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It's strange to see how questionable content rules the internet and that specially applies to Asian porn sites like Asian Teen Picture Club. It's not your typical Filipina sex site with paid models and professional photographers, but mainly stolen content from other sites, newsgroups and hacked social networks like Friendster, Friendfinder, Myspace and Facebook. The marketing is very aggressive and it could be assumed the member's area contains quality content, but that is certainly not the case. Quantity and quality of images are very poor. You don't get your normal image set containing 100 images or more, but maybe just 8 or 15 per set and most of the stuff does not even include nudity.
asian teen picture club
A series of thumbs from a Filipina camgirl as presented on ATPC for a tease.

It's just clothed Filipina teens taking selfshots in front of mirrors or standing in small groups during a beach vacation, etc. It's really exploitative how this site abuses the curiosity of people and of course how they take advantage of images of clueless and innocent girls that they obtain for free. Basically, most of the content is available for free soemwhere on cyber sex space if you use image searches on Google, Yahoo and newsgroups. There is absolutely no need to buy a membership for this site if you want to look at poor quality Filipina amateur nudes and other sexy Asian teens. And if you do want to pay for Asian online porn, there are better places to spend your money more wisely. But if you still fall for a ex-Girlfriend site like that, don't complain about money thrown out of the window.

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