Selfshot Girlfriend

Selfshot Girlfriend

Everybody who has tried to shoot nudes of a woman for the very first time has find himself between a rock and hard place. While your girlfriend or amateur model may have agreed on having their photos taken, they suddenly change their mind and every plan is history. Wait a second: is there a trick to make your amateur model feel more comfortable? There is one method to tryout: Hand a small digital camera to your model and ask her to take her own photos while posing in front of a mirror. She can check results on the camera's back display instantly. Such images are called Selfshots. Now, she will try and play around. Probably, she won't like all of them, but she will start to feel more confident. Then it's a photographers moment to shine: Just show her some poses and tell her how to hold the camera. Try different angles and play with light. She will see you know what you are talking about and appreciate your help because she will look better with your assistance.

selfshot girlfriend

The rest is really baked banana cake. Once a model gets confident she will be proud of herself and her shyness will subside. If the shooter is not happy, don't show. Let her believe you are satisfied and agree on a second shooting date. You will see things will turn out much better during your second or third photo session. Probably you won't even need to ask her for selfshots anymore, although I always find them to be cool shots representing true amateur Filipinas.

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