Seductive Poses

High heels Makati
High heels and erotic looks

Who said girls need to be naked in order to be erotic? Most guys walk around town during daylight and see lots of women who they feel attracted to. For the most part it is deception by fashion, makeup and angle of view. But who ever said photography is any different. Capturing the erotica of a Filipina woman does not really need to include nudity on Samal Island or White Beach, Boracay. You neither need expensive cameras nor lenses. Nor do you need her to wear modern clothing or fashionista outfits. High heels and a skimpy short dress will do - if you know what I mean.

Finally, sparking looks are mostly achieved by sexy eyes and a mild smile. Of course there are different angles to all of it, no matter you are in Davao or Cagayan de Oro. One can ask: is she putting her high heels on or is she getting out of them. Well, both situation can carry sensous ideas. In one case she just finished having sex - oh my God, you have a dirty mind! In the other case our model might just start to get undressed. Wanna see her naked all the way? Guess what: I know what you are thinking and she seems to know your dirty thoughts as well.

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There are so many Filipino sites about filth and bargirl sex online, but they all share the same content. will be devoted to showing the beauty of Filipina amateurs online. It's not about the sex for satisfaction or money. It's about appreciation of natural beauty and sensual angles. Every normal female has their truth about naked beauty and here it's present to you. Enjoy the finest Pinays - and some are cute, too!


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