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Tarlac model Leah in her first pictorial. She has a lovely smile and beautiful breasts.

Let me greet you again "Welcome to Filipina Archives dot com". This blog is dedicated to people who love taking tasteful nudes and fine art stills of beautiful Filipina amateurs and models (and those who want to see nude Miss World Philippines Megan Young - but sorry she ain't here). Of course you are also welcome to just look at what is available here as a guest if you do not intend to shoot photos on your own. Sharing and showing details of the arts is this blog's main purpose. It's very crucial making models feel comfortable during shoots. It's not just exclusive to nudity with Filipinas, but can be applied to others as well. Common problems are addressed and references provided if possible. There is nothing for sale here and the old membership section with updates is gone thanks to content pirates.

The setup for the first model shoot with Leah from Tarlac in Pampanga was very simple. It was inside a small hotel room. The essential setup was a large window behind back of shooter flooding the room with natural light. All walls where white. They created a fantastic soft lighting. Since it was shot in 2004 sensor sensitivity was an issue and an additional flash needes to be added - thus resulting in a slight drop shadow in the back. Not too perfect, but a very simple setup. It was done with a budget lens and camera as well (therefor background is not blurred and contains too much detail). There was a large mirror on the right side that was used by model to be confident about her appearance. All girls do love to stare at themselves in mirrors. Makes even the shiest of them feel great.
Hope you enjoy our experience into photogenic topics and appreciate sensuality of Asian women as captured and explained here. Good luck with your own experiments and have fun until next time.

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There are so many Filipino sites about filth and bargirl sex online, but they all share the same content. will be devoted to showing the beauty of Filipina amateurs online. It's not about the sex for satisfaction or money. It's about appreciation of natural beauty and sensual angles. Every normal female has their truth about naked beauty and here it's present to you. Enjoy the finest Pinays - and some are cute, too!


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