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Cougars or MILFs are the most desired women. Many think 18 or 19 year old female models are in highest demand, but the facts speak against this assumption. Most observers do appreciate looking at sophisticated women aged 25, 30 and even 40+. Why? Because they are real women. They have personality and as long as they take good care of their bodies, they are sexually very desirable. They know how to make love. Possibly, they don't beat around the bush and do fulfill men's erotic fantasies rather than shyly taking about them.

When targeting erotic photos towards western people one needs to know that they perceive Asian females as much younger that they really are. It's because of their petite bodies that are slimmer in shape and long, dark hair adding shades and contrast to beauty of Asians.
When shooting mature Asian women, they should be somewhere between 30 and 50. The older they are the more attractive they will become for cougar and grannie lovers. Who seeks to view naked old women? Usually, men within the same age limit or older. 50-year old men will love to look at 40-year old women and adore them. They will admire them as potential dating and replication mates. This older audience of men between 40 and 70 is very large in number and packs potential of buying power. Everybody likes to look at spiffy 18 year young nekkid photos, but just as long as it's free. As potential mates they are not being taken seriously by this target audience.

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How about grannies? Well, this is somewhat of a fetish niche with curiosity effect. Very old women who are 60+ are considered sexually inactive. Observing then in sexually related situations and artsy nudes will generate curiosity among observers. Sometimes, admiration is met with disgust and shock similar to portrait of handicapped porn or pregnant women. This will increase popularity because audience will include lovers and haters. As haters are stupid enough to publicly downgrade what they deem unqualified for their ethical demands, it will increase exposure to a much higher number of tolerant people.
There is another positive point about mature women: you can be certain they are real, genetic females. Hard for old trannies to get stretchmarks. Always gotta look at the bright side.

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