How to spot an Amateur

How to spot an Amateur

Nude Filipina girls look sexy and amateurs look more natural than made-up models. While being an amateur model is a big plus, looking at nudes of a gorgeous woman taken by an amateur photographer can be somewhat disturbing. I am not talking about blatant mistakes like bad lights or lack of focus, but about small things that tell tales about the professional status of nude art work. Let's look at this gallery of Filipina amateur Tera Lee.
When inspecting small thumbs everything looks cool. Maybe lack of explicit shots will render this sequence somewhat boring at first sight. Enlarging the last photo and observing her petite Asian breasts reveals the caveat.

Tera Lee's light lbfm skin is imprinted with her bra and undies. Pressing marks on a model's skin look very bad. Usually, models are not supposed to wear any underwear for two hours prior to a shoot. Professional photographers most likely ask models not to wear any tight clothing in preparation.
Obviously, press marks were discovered by the person who prepared images for upload and the graphic artist tried his best to remove those marks by airbrushing and softening this impact. However, those images made a rather artificial impact on Tera lee's bikini striptease. Go here to read more about Tera Lee and her sister Keira Lee.
While it's written in almost all tutorials and books about nude photography, amateurs sometimes ignore good advise. Always ask your model to avoid wearing tight clothing for two hours before the shoot. It really takes 1 to 2 hours for any press marks to dissolve. Good luck next time.

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