Pregnant Maid

Pregnant Maid

Sexuality during pregnancy has been a taboo for long time, but why should pregnant women not enjoy the same liberties as men or un-fertilized females? There is no damage that can be done by taking nudes of a proud naked woman! A cultural study published in American and European media revealed women are more exhibitionistic during their pregnancy than normal. Matter of hormones or body awareness or just a matter of wanting to tell everybody how beautiful they are when they are expecting?

Well, I leave all of this up to scientists and people with a beer in their hand at the same time. Possibly, there are cultural reasons behind their behavior and social scientists and psychologist are able to explain it all. For nude art photographers pregnant women are a gift. Their breasts are getting bigger, skin tightens and their faces look extremely happy.

Of course exposure is just meant for photos of pregnant women. Normally, they can have sexual intercourse in most positions until six or seven months into pregnancy. However, caution is advised in same cases. In 2009 Youko Ishino, a Japanese porn star, died while shooting a porn movie in Japan. According to media she died of natural causes and it was neither related to her pregnancy nor to her performance as an actress. She just had a stroke while having sex.

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