Frontal Nudity

Makati MILF
Rose from Makati exposed on casting couch

Save the best for last: full frontal nudity is one of the most sensational exposures since naked pictures hit the internet in 1994 for the first time. However, there is no need to present medically explicit images as those would not be perceived as sensous at all. Playing with light and shadow increases tension and anticipation to see even more while presenting it all at once will take away all hopes. As a matter of fact it can distract from other imperfections. For example fluffy breasts or stretchmarks. In this photo of Makati amateur Rose inside a Quezon City studio it even distracts from the noisy backgrounds depicting keys, baby powder and phone cords.

Wouldn't there be a leg spreading girl on the picture, guys would complain about trash. Would she show too much it would take away from her innocent and charming appearance. That shadow on her labia and vulva does create hunger to see more details. Well, former members of this site have seen it all before. Maybe we will show some more in a future posting about this hairy and awesome Manila amateur model.

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