Sex Scandals

Foreigners simply call it Filipino porn, but a normal Pinoy will call it a sex scandal when real Filipina girls are being recorded while having sex with their Filipino lovers or spouses. Why is that? Maybe because they feel comfortable while producing sex tapes in the privacy of their homes, but are showing regrets once their sexy footage is leaked to the public. Porn DVDs are sold openly on the streets of Philippine cities like Manila, Cagayan and Quezon City. Some say it is illegal, but when a police officer walks by a porn video seller on the street he takes no action, but smiles. It's hard to understand this moral. It's fine to sell bootleg commercial porn from the US and Japan, but it's a scandal when Filipinos show a bit of nudity. A lot of Filipino beauty queens and celebrities are known for having their nudes and private sex tapes leaked to the public over the internet. Insiders know this is not really true. Some sex scandals are produced as publicity stunts. Media loves to pick them up for big headlines. However, none of the celebrities has ever had disadvantages by being part of a sex scandal. It's a great way of drawing attention. That's all there is to Filipino sex scandals, nothing but a marketing stunt.
Amazingly, Filipinas are always portrait as victims while guys are the bad party. It gets very difficult to keep this position up as a lot of scandals are of gay nature as the Philippines is one of the main production venue for Asian gay pornography. One recent porn scandal included a priest. Sounds familiar, doesn't it. So many gay scandals from other countries inside the Vatican are spreading to Asia as well.

There are so many scandals coming from the siland of Philippines. The most popular are Dipolog sex scandal, NC college, Philippine Nursing Dean scandal, CLSU scandal, EAC scandal, Bohol scandal, Las Pinas scandal, DLSU LaSalle porn scandal, Baguio scandal, Boracay scandal, AMA scandal, Cagayan scandal, Poblacion scandal, Manila scandal, Quezon city scandals, Hayden Kho sex videos and many more.

It's amazing how many new sex scandals happen every day, but in most cases people close their eyes or look the other way. After all it's so much to keep track of. It just gets interesting when politicians and celebrities are involved. However, then semi-nudity or a wrong expression are reason enough to generate a new scandal that media is just eager enough to pick up. After all, they are the ones who profit most as any type of public accusation - founded or not - will wash millions of advertising revenue into their accounting books. Both, media and celebrities are the beneficiaries of such dramatic events. Possibly, many are just made up to stir hype and increase exposure for fame.

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