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Some people say, the most beautiful girls are not real girls, but transsexuals. Until three years ago it was believed that Asia's most beautiful shemales were from Thailand, but Filipino ladyboys appeared on the map out of nothing when the website PI Ladyboys hit cyber sex space in 2007. Manila travelers know a lot of Filipino shemale prostitutes solicit for paid sex in Greenbelt Makati for many years and so called billieboys perform low paid sex acts in Angeles City's RLD, but they were never regarded as true shemales, but more as guys who wear women's dresses - PA-girls, a Filipino term for crossdressers - but they turned into real proud shemales, now. On and off the tgirls travel to Singapore and Hong Kong to meet international clients as escorts. Their tariffs are incredible and the exposure on websites like PI Ladyboy increases their market value as they become trophy dates for shemale lovers and non-suspecting straight punters alike. However, little was known about the much bigger Filipina ladyboy scene in Cebu, that has been brewing underground over many years. Only now, people realize Visayan shemales from Cebu are probably the most desirable beauty queens of the entire transsexual monkey business in South east Asia. The best part about it is, Filipino ladyboys are respected for their patient love skills and romantic attitude. Pretty much like the girls :-)

filipina ladyboy
A sexy Filipina girl taking a sunbath on a Cebu beach. It's Allyana, one of the Filipino ladyboys from PI Ladyboy website

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There are so many Filipino sites about filth and bargirl sex online, but they all share the same content. will be devoted to showing the beauty of Filipina amateurs online. It's not about the sex for satisfaction or money. It's about appreciation of natural beauty and sensual angles. Every normal female has their truth about naked beauty and here it's present to you. Enjoy the finest Pinays - and some are cute, too!


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