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Well known model: Gemma the Stunner

While it's easy to recruit women to pose naked for the money, it's difficult to find pretty ones with personality and charisma. Girls with desire for exhibitionism are rare finds. Often photographers keep on working with such models and they become very famous. Gemma, one of the first Filipina Archives models has been one of those models who posed out of passion. She was never getting tired and always showcased unique ambitions to improve her performance.

Gemma was published on various sites from the Philippines where she was featured as Girl of the Month. Her images were shared all over the place and she became famous. Well, that was at a time when social networks like FB and Twitter were still not invented. She probably would have made a huge scandal in her home, today. You know how jealous people can get when they see a proud woman showing off her best parts. Gemma's nudes should be part of an encyclopedia featuring Erotica Filipiana just like Tetcha's Playboy pictorial in Germany. Gemma is retired and has not been published since 2005.

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