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First cover of Filipina Archives update. Busty model poses on terrace of exotic beach garden during heavy rain.

Pacific Islanders were always portrait as exotic beauties. Hollywood movies like "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Marlon Brando as 1st Lt. Fletcher Christian helped to visualize the sensation of Pacific beauty and free-love philosophies of Tahitian women. This has been transformed from Tahiti to the Philippines because they are way more beautiful women in the Philippines compared to islands of Tahiti. Military stories from US service men who settled down with Filipina women supported this idea of sensuality.
During the shooting for the initial photo shoot whith an busty amateur Bicol model for the first episode of FA, lush background of tropical forest and wooden floors supported the statement to present the most beautiful exotics from the Philippines.

Skilled photographers for the love of detail will notice the blurred background. In this case it is not perspective blur from an expensive lens, but a mix of motion from wind and rain. Yes, it was raining for five days and the model and photographer were stranded on an island as ferry connections were disrupted due to a tropical storm. This was unusual as it happened in November, far outside of rainy season. Instead of five sets, this production yielded around 20 pictorial of exotic erotica nudes from the Philippines. If you were a member of the site at that time, you will probably remember. The model was a winner of two famous wet t-shirt contests at that time.

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