How to Avoid Drop Shadows

How to Avoid Drop Shadows

There are certain mistakes fine art photographers want to avoid when shooting beautiful girls. Possibly, the worst thing would be issues with lighting. That's what happened to me while I was shooting a very beautiful petite mango girl with cute face and tight curves inside Oasis Hotel some years ago. One of my three external flashes broke down and drop shadows on walls and model's face created disturbing views. Her eyes were so beautiful and her lips so erotic, but you can't see this on her photos.

This happened a couple of years ago while I was using Fujifilm S1 DSLR, one of the first DSLRs ever. Back then its display would not allow me to judge the impact on the real image, but once I opened the images in Photoshop on my laptop I was very disappointed to say the least.
There was such a great looking Filipina model for me naked and shots were not optimal. I was able to correct shadows and lighten up her sensual face. This image correction broke out whites on the wall behind her and destroyed saturation. Imagine to be happy to have discovered a great Manila amateur model and then photos turn out to be a mess.
Today, I try to shoot with just 2 flashes and keep a third unit as replacement. Additionally, I prefer using locations with lots of natural light, white ceilings and big windows. Modern Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras are able to compensate low light conditions very well without compromising pixel quality. Back when I shot this model 400 Asa was the highest sensitivity to chose. Today, 1000 Asa is not a problem at all. Possibly, the new camera with its new features could have saved my ass back then. Unfortunately, I never got a second shot at this beauty queen unlike the guys from Babae who had better luck.

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