Dirty Tagalog

Tagalog is the main language on the Philippine Islands. It's good to know the dirty Filipino words in case you want to decode Filipina sex sites or make use of the terms on a Manila sex vacation in the Philippines. OK, let's teach you some naughty words:

Pek Pek ni Pinay = Filipina Pussy
Kantutan ka na ba = Do you want to fuck, now?
Kantot = sexual intercourse
Susu = Tits
Puki = Vagina, clit
Titi = cock, dick, penis
sal sal = to masturbate
Puwet = ass
Maganda = Beautiful ... just say that to a girl and she will love you!
Mahal kita = I love you
Putang Ina Mo = You stupid motherfucker
Bugaw = Pimp
dilaan ko ang pek pek mo = I want to lick your pussy

Ok, that's enough dirty Tagalog for you today. Visit the Philippines to learn more or ask a Filipina camgirl during a sexchat session on Manila Live Chat for more sex related Tagalog words and expressions. Knowing the language enhances your Filipino porn experience greatly.

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