Hiding Model Imperfections

naked imperfections
Girls from provinces have many imperfections: Observe her scars on her legs and knees.

Inexperienced photographers and models tend to do mistakes. It's a learning curve many have to experience and your "oh shit"-experience upon screening images after completion of pictorials can be highly heart-breaking. One of the most common mistakes is probably to concentrate too much on poses and sexy parts of a body or face while neglecting small imperfections. In the case of model Juliet her imperfections are very obvious. Her legs bear scars and large surfaces are bruised from traffic accidents she had suffered while growing up in Leyte. Such imperfections on legs and arms are rather common with people who grew up in the provinces like Samar, Zamboanga or Ilo-Ilo. How can you avoid such ugly exposures?

Some photographers will hire make-up artists, others will retouch using Photoshop software in post production. Both methods require resources amateur photographers won't be able or willing to spare. Also both methods will require a high degree on professionalism. It's not really worth it in my opinion.
The optimal solution is working around by using angles, perspective blurring with open aperture and by hiding ugly body sections behind accessories like socks, belts, scarfs and teddy bears.
The most professional way would be utilizing high grade lenses like an 30 mm or 50 mm 1:1.4 Sigma lens. While using an aperture of 1.4 depth of focus will be limited from breast to forehead while details on legs and background should become blurred. Of course such lenses are somewhat expensive and they don't allow zooming. Still, it is the most professional way of hiding imperfections. They are proof of skill and models will very much appreciate results. At the end having a happy Leyte model is possibly the most grateful experience of any shooter. In another post I will be writing about ways to mask stretchmarks and other pregnancy related damages.

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