Are Bargirls Photogenic?

I am not beautiful bargirl

Photos of bargirls are all over the internet. Some of them look beautiful and it's hard to believe they work as prostitutes in bars. On a second look, most of them use heavy makeup and once the color comes down, they look ordinary. Together with an unhealthy lifestyle, they don't look spiffy and attractive anymore. Not saying bargirls are ugly, but they are difficult to use as Asian nude art models because of attitude and imperfections.

Another problem with bargirls photographers have to be aware of: they are lazy and just interested in quick money at first. Many customers walk into bars and talk they are big shot club owners, fashion agents, designers and millionairs looking for new wife. Bargirls know 99% is bullshit so they give bullshit back to everybody else. If you hire them from a bar by paying a barfine, special ladydrink or party-animal (however they want to call the fee for legal reasons) they will treat you like a ordinary customer. In order to get more attention it's better to hire them for a couple of days and treat them like princesses. This way they will know you are serious about shooting photos and not a cheap Charlie customer.

busty dancer
Dancer from an Angeles City bar: Golden Nile

Another aspect of bargirls and their attitude is their fear of having their nudes exposing them as hookers. Alot of producers have told women that nudes will be private or for good websites, while they were exposed and exploited as hungry prostitutes who would have sex with strangers for a bowl of rice. Filipino media likes to pick up and copy works of others without regards of legal property and print them in tabloits without respecting privacy and copyrights of models and photographers. Family and friends might get to see her nudes and if they are crap, she will feel burning hell at home.
Sourcing bargirls as models is challenging.

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