Amateur Hotel Shooting

shy topless model
Soft light balanced and bounced from daylight window and white ceiling and light walls provide fantastic conditions for shadow-free portraits and sexy pictorials.

You might want to know what's the minimal setup for shooting amateurs while traveling? What are ideal places to pick? A normal studio or deluxe hotel room will be just fine. The bigger the better. 30 sqm area should be available. Since lighting plays a big role in photography a room with large windows will be best. It would be optimal to have a room with white ceiling and white walls as they can bounce light, perfectly. An example like this image from Makati panty girl is perfect. The ceiling was white and many other parts surrounding the bed had easy to medium, neutral colors.

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Who is Jimmy Regina?

girls of Trike Patrol com
As of June 2014 there is a total amount of 312 Filipina girls who have appeared on Trike Patrol.

Who cares? Well, his name always pops up when people talk about porn in the Philippines. It's like he invented screwing Pinays and leaking footage online. This young American guy has started to travel to the Phills about 15 years ago when he was already good looking. Jimmy visited the bars of Angeles City and fell in love with all bargirls. However, he did not have enough money in his pockets to pay barfines all the time, so he came up with this idea of actually making money while he was having sex with the girls. What to do?

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Filipina Magic Upgrade

jade cool hostess
Flash technology makes Filipina Magic chat more reliable.

Do you like to chat with girls from the Philippines? One of my long time favorite chat sites has recently received a facelift: Filipina Magic. The core of it's change, however, is based inside an upgrade in technology. Video streams and audio are now processed by Adobe's Flash technology rather than the old and outdated Java version. Java is no longer supported on newer operating systems such as Apple's OSX 10.8.5. Flash works flawlessly on most desktops and laptops. However, it's neither working on tablets nor on iphones. Well, most people will prefer to chat on their computers at home according to polls conducted by Philippine sex portals.

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Fishnet Fetish

Manila amateur model with fishnet lingerie

Dark desires of erotic nature are called fetishes. There are many different kinds of these slightly abnormal ideas and many people do have them. Those are usually fantasies of role playing and ways to encounter certain situations. One of the most harmless fetishes is probably the one including clothing that creates arousal for observers. Fans' saliva starts to flow out of their mouth when they see their uniform fetish dreams come true. Many men find flight attendants and secretaries very sexy and they dream about being seduced by their flight attendant inside a lavatory at 40,000 feet altitude while traveling across the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles. Well, that's never gonna happen, but it's a nice dream, isn't it?

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Petite Models look Sexy!

Half Japanese and half Pinoy. Exotic amateur from Quezon City.

One thing many photographers learn the hard way: Not everybody loves women with big breasts. As a matter of fact there is a large audience of observers who prefer petite women with small breasts over females with large pieces of soft tissue. The most important characteristics for attractiveness seems to be proper proportions. Breasts should be slightly round, but small in shape with perky nipples that stand erected from surrounding areola tissue.

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How to shoot MILF Models?

How to shoot MILF Models?

Mothers and cougars are the hottest women around. They are not as flawless as college girls and certain imperfections cast small shadows over their genuine erotic appearance - that is certainly superior to a 19 year old nursing graduate. As covered in a previous post about cougar model Grace, shooters need to become creative. Today's featured photo for this posts consist of nudes of amateur Hazel. She is the mother of two at 26 years of age. She has the most winning smile and looks like a trophy model. What you don't see: she has stretchmarks. Why don't you see them? Well, you just can't because she is standing sideways or covering them up, smartly.

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Frontal Nudity

Makati MILF
Rose from Makati exposed on casting couch

Save the best for last: full frontal nudity is one of the most sensational exposures since naked pictures hit the internet in 1994 for the first time. However, there is no need to present medically explicit images as those would not be perceived as sensous at all. Playing with light and shadow increases tension and anticipation to see even more while presenting it all at once will take away all hopes. As a matter of fact it can distract from other imperfections. For example fluffy breasts or stretchmarks. In this photo of Makati amateur Rose inside a Quezon City studio it even distracts from the noisy backgrounds depicting keys, baby powder and phone cords.

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Panty Fetish

Manila amateur
Most erotic moment: cotton panty goes off

Cotton panties and seductive models go well together. For many observers panty candy is far more sensous than close-ups of private parts. The final moment of undressing is most prominently displayed by slowly sliding down the last visual protection while playing angles on point of view. In many cases it is drawn into length and people love it.

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Casting Amateurs

red couch cute nude
First timer on casting couch

Remember the first internet sites with Asian amateurs. They all were called casting couch amateurs. Back then most of it was fake. Asian-American pornstars who discovered the internet after they were wasted by sleazy film producers. They wanted to jumpstart new online careers. However, a lot of genuine Manila amateurs have been posted and discovered online. Mindoro-based Filipina Archives was once a dedicated website for fresh casting couch nudes from Manila. Maybe some of you guys remember the best models from that red leather casting couch in Quezon City and the light blue 2-seater model from Laguna?

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Sexy Cougar

milf pinay
Single mom shows her beauty

During my last post I covered amateur imperfections and how to hide them. In some cases it's not possible. Look at Grace. She is beautiful, but one of her breasts is larger and firmer while the other one looks worn down. Pregnancy shows tear and wear on women, but that can be used to an advantage. Since Grace it extremely cute and her body is almost flawless, she represents the most perfect Filipina cougar or Makati City MILF.

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Hiding Model Imperfections

naked imperfections
Girls from provinces have many imperfections: Observe her scars on her legs and knees.

Inexperienced photographers and models tend to do mistakes. It's a learning curve many have to experience and your "oh shit"-experience upon screening images after completion of pictorials can be highly heart-breaking. One of the most common mistakes is probably to concentrate too much on poses and sexy parts of a body or face while neglecting small imperfections. In the case of model Juliet her imperfections are very obvious. Her legs bear scars and large surfaces are bruised from traffic accidents she had suffered while growing up in Leyte. Such imperfections on legs and arms are rather common with people who grew up in the provinces like Samar, Zamboanga or Ilo-Ilo. How can you avoid such ugly exposures?

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Nudes and Photography

Boa Erotica
Tarlac model Leah in her first pictorial. She has a lovely smile and beautiful breasts.

Let me greet you again "Welcome to Filipina Archives dot com". This blog is dedicated to people who love taking tasteful nudes and fine art stills of beautiful Filipina amateurs and models (and those who want to see nude Miss World Philippines Megan Young - but sorry she ain't here). Of course you are also welcome to just look at what is available here as a guest if you do not intend to shoot photos on your own. Sharing and showing details of the arts is this blog's main purpose. It's very crucial making models feel comfortable during shoots. It's not just exclusive to nudity with Filipinas, but can be applied to others as well. Common problems are addressed and references provided if possible. There is nothing for sale here and the old membership section with updates is gone thanks to content pirates.

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Seductive Poses

High heels Makati
High heels and erotic looks

Who said girls need to be naked in order to be erotic? Most guys walk around town during daylight and see lots of women who they feel attracted to. For the most part it is deception by fashion, makeup and angle of view. But who ever said photography is any different. Capturing the erotica of a Filipina woman does not really need to include nudity on Samal Island or White Beach, Boracay. You neither need expensive cameras nor lenses. Nor do you need her to wear modern clothing or fashionista outfits. High heels and a skimpy short dress will do - if you know what I mean.

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Short Chubby Girl

chubby asian amateur
Bombshell cutie with chubby love handles

Remember that disgustingly inappropriate joke about small Asian women being men's favorites because you could place your glass of beer on them while they provided oral sex? Well, that should work for about every woman no matter what size until she got up and massages your balls with her knees.
Depending on angles it's easy to change viewer's perception of height. Look at Funny for example. She was barely 4'10" tall, but on photo she looked like perfectly sized with female proportions to die for.

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There are so many Filipino sites about filth and bargirl sex online, but they all share the same content. will be devoted to showing the beauty of Filipina amateurs online. It's not about the sex for satisfaction or money. It's about appreciation of natural beauty and sensual angles. Every normal female has their truth about naked beauty and here it's present to you. Enjoy the finest Pinays - and some are cute, too!


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